Rapid Connect

A new approach for connecting applications to New Zealand Research and Higher Education users


  • There is no need to install a Shibboleth SP on your webserver;
  • It natively integrates into commonly used development languages;
  • PaaS solutions like Heroku, Google App Engine and Pagoda become suitable deployment targets for Tuakiri services;
  • Attributes are already defined in logical sets, there is no approval process for attributes; and
  • Integration code is minimal, simple to write and easy to test.

Current Release

Tuakiri Rapid Connect is now available in the production and test federations.

Deployed version: 1.12.2

Example Implementations

! Demonstration applications run on developer accounts and may take some time to load if instances have been paused by the PaaS provider. Demonstration applications use production AAF Identity Providers for login.

Example Integration Code

Here is the full source (minus the actual HTML) of an application developed in Ruby using the Sinatra framework. It implements all the bits required for using Rapid Connect.